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Weekly Trend Forecast

Thu 9th March 2017

Welcome to our brand new weekly trend forecasts, we will be looking at different trends every week and giving you some outfit ideas to inspire you on those days when you just don’t know what to wear.

This week on the trend forecast we have been looking at, as we call it the mixed messages trend, it’s a trend that has been popping around however it’s been popular for quite a long time.
Clothes have always been a way in which we express our personality and ideas, a way of being different and one way that we do that is with printed t-shirts, and this is what has recently been seen on the catwalks, printed t-shirts that give a message or show an artistic side of our self. Seems like it’s less about having the expensive statement pieces but more about having a statement.

Well this trend is quite an easy one to incorporate into your wardrobe the only hard bit is to find the unique t-shirt, however when you have found yourself an piece that’s expresses your personality or sends out that message you want to scream out to the world, styling it can be as simple as just paring it with some denim jeans and throwing on a leather jacket , but don’t panic if you haven’t been able to find yourself that message you want to express to the world why not get creative and DIY yourself one on to one of your already existing pieces (example bottom left image.)

That’s the end of our weekly trend forecast for this week, feel free to send us your interoperations of this trend or even better the DIY pieces that you have made, we look forwards to seeing you next week with an new trend forecast coming your way.

All images courtesy of Pinterest