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Top 8 Independent Magazines

Fri 11th November 2016

All images are courtesy of Google Images and all rights go to the magazine publications

1) Fantastic Man

Fantastic Man

Fantastic Man is a semi-annual Dutch men’s fashion magazine launched in 2005. Visually stunning, the magazine presents menswear in collaboration with exquisite photography, detailed interviews with male celebrities and intellectuals from many different backgrounds.



MITT magazine is based on the Sydney street menswear blog Men In This Town and is produced quarterly. MITT captures the everyday man in his natural habitat as it features a man’s sense of style and does a fantastic job of introducing us to the men and personalities underneath the clothes. The magazine is completely down to earth, and incorporates many different aspects of culture and lifestyle with a prominent Australian approach.

3) Œ


Πis a Berlin based publication that does an impeccable job of showcasing the best of the contemporary German fashion scene. The amazingly cool, fresh and experimental fashion and perspective gives the German fashion scene a powerful and alternative voice. Printed on four different specialty papers, the magazine transcends fashion and displays a lifestyle, a fashion culture and dimension that you want to be apart of.

 4) System


System magazine is a London based magazine that explores the intersection between fashion and contemporary culture. The magazine screams exclusivity as it grants readers access to some of the most interesting and special figures in the fashion industry, from Raf Simons to Grace Coddington. Due to this dynamic mix of fashion and personality, System is an inviting magazine that is both innovative and fascinating. The insight into the lives, opinions and creations of legendary and prominent fashion figures, makes System a stand-alone piece of publication.

5) Tank


Tank magazine was launched in 1998 in rebellion to the homogenised and commercial nature of the publishing scene. Consequently, Tank is a staple of the British independent publishing scene due to its brilliant exploration of fashion, art and interestingly, philosophy. It’s eclecticism and intellect makes this magazine a valuable read.

6) Dazed


London-based magazine Dazed is perhaps one of – if not the – most popular and known independent fashion publications in the world. Dazed is innovative and constantly pushes the boundaries of fashion. A Celebrity-featured publication, Dazed is unapologetic and features some of the most diverse and interesting pop culture pushers that adheres perfectly with the in-your-face nature of the magazine.

7) Boys by Girls

Boys by Girls

London-based Boys by Girls is potentially the most aesthetically pleasing photography and fashion magazine on this list due to its interesting spin. The photography of the male models within this magazine are all taken by female photographers, and this genius creativity produces some awesome pictures. The magazine places a much larger emphasis on art photography and it’s tone and style is a huge inspiration for autumn and winter fashion. The moody darkness the magazine presents is completely beguiling and enchanting.

8) Pylot


Pylot is a new-ish magazine that has already made it’s stamp on the fashion and photography publication scene. Pylot is exceptional because it commits itself to not using airbrushing, photoshopping or re-touching. This bold and refreshing move is a complete dismissal of the incessant fakeness of fashion publications that prioritize perfection over natural. Additionally, Pylot celebrates the skill and artistry behind analog film photography and ensures an anolog-only content policy that is also incorporated into its advertising content. This magazine challenges the way we view fashion photography and is an absolute MUST read if you can get your hands on it. You will not be disappointed!