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Top 10 Trends you can start wearing now

Wed 26th April 2017

We’ve officially entered Spring and are heading right towards summer, although it doesn’t really look or feel like it here in Manchester. The occasional burst of sunshine may peek out through the gloomy British clouds and we’ll take every advantage when it does. During British Spring, we find ourselves desperately wanting to move onto the next phase of our style. You want to tuck those jumpers away and break out the shorts, don’t you? We do too.

To get yourselves ready we have compiled a list of the 10 trends you can start wearing now even whilst the weather warms up… slowly, but surely. These are the hottest trends of the moment and are transitional enough so that when it does get warmer for that one week in July (totes joking…) you can continue these trends with ease into your favourite pair of shorts.


  1. We’ve mentioned this one in previous blogs but pink is one hot colour right now. All the brands have included hues of pink in their collections and it’s a real throwback to the 90s and 2000s where the term, ‘real men wear pink’ was born amongst pop groups and within the rap community. This time, it seems pink will not fade away so easily as all the trend forecasts are showing darker shades of fuschia and purples heading into autumn/winter so it’s better to get over your fear of the colour and start thinking pink because we still have a lot more to see from this shade. NICCE London have done a really nice job by incorporating this colour in a deep fuschia into their core range. It’s sporty enough that you’ll feel super confident and cool at the same time.
  2. Bold colours and print, Havana style. We’re going to Miami this season as colours go into bold greens and even bolder patterns and prints. You’ll feel like your on a holiday in Cuba when we begin to really get into high summer and everyone will be parading around trying to get the only glimmer of sunshine peering out through the trees in Sackville park in their boldest, brightest and best. You can ease into this trend by starting off with pastel colours paired with a printed jacket or if your bold enough, a pair of printed shorts (don’t freeze on our account!). You can also layer pieces like a nice bold floral print shirt with a thin cardigan in a contrasting or neutral colour and solid colour bomber jacket over it.
  3. Denim trends go haywire this season as we see more and more distressed denim featuring frayed and unfinished edges. You will notice the patches trends carry over as we saw last season whereas the denim patches end up pretty much everywhere and in contrasting fabrics and patterns. We actually love this trend and we are always huge advocates of different ways to style and use denim. There are some very cool things happening with denim in Europe at the moment and we’re very excited about it. You should be too – it’s better to stand out than blend in.   Layering denim on denim creeps it’s way back onto the scene. You’ll find mismatched denim, matching denim and over sized denim in a variety of washes and fits. You’ll also be seeing multiple layers of it. Take out that denim shirt shirt, layer it over a tee, put on a pair of blue jeans and get out your favourite denim jacket…. or two. It’s bloody cold in Manchester.
  4. Those longline tees you’ve grown to love so much are going back in the closet or you may just find another use for them… everyone is tucking their t-shirts and shirts in this season. You better buy a belt because no tucked in look is complete without a thin belt to narrow out your frame. Don’t be afraid to tuck in thin jumpers and cardigans (when layering) as well. Top tip: If you are a bit huskier or you’re just an average guy  who doesn’t like to wear things too tight, just get an oversized or baggy t-shirt and when tucking in, leave a little extra of the shirt to hang about the sides and just over the belt. You’ll still look clean and well put together but you’ll feel more comfortable too.
  5. Embroidered Patches are the reason for the season. We’ve seen patches on bomber jackets, denim jackets, jeans, rucksacks… literally everywhere. The good thing is that when this trend goes back into the vinyl closet with the rest of the 1975 memorabilia, you can probably just remove most of the patches if you don’t want to keep them. However, we have a feeling this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Remember the Chinese embroidery trend is still going almost two years on….
  6. Pull up those trousers because one of SS17 hottest trends that emerged on pretty much every catwalk is high-water or ankle length trousers. Wear them with or without socks and just a pair of loafers if you like. It’s really up to you. Everyone seems to be putting their own individual twist on this one so do whatever make you comfortable. You will also find the jogger-trouser hybrid which is making a huge statement this season and going into AW17. Our new brand, The Project Garments has an a range of super stylish jogger-trousers if you are looking to adapt this trend early on. A note to you shorter guys out there: the higher the trouser goes up, the shorter it makes you looks so it would do you well to keep it just at the ankle.

    From left to right: Haider Ackermann, Issey Miyake, Maison Margiela, Gucci
  7. Stripes are back. As they are every Spring/Summer. Surprise, surprise. Hey, just think of this as an old familiar friend. This good old faithful can be mixed and matched with pretty much any trend listed above or worn completely on it’s own. This season we’ve seen a lot of mix and matching of stripe patterns so feel free to experiment and see what works for you.
  8. Beige and green – carrying on from last season, we see these colours in overload. These are basics so you probably already have a few staple pieces in your wardrobe. Beige actually goes a bit lighter into a soft sandstone towards high summer and greens range from dark to light variations throughout the whole season.
  9. Last but certainly not least, YELLOW! No, not the Coldplay song… the colour. It’s here and it’s bold and more vibrant than ever. Use it to layer and mix it with other vibrant colours like purple and bright blues. I mean, you’re wearing yellow, you may as well stand out anyway! You really can’t get any more summer than this trend and it does carry on into AW17 where the colours go a darker into mustard and wheat gold.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Top 10 list of trends you can start wearing now. If you have any questions, need styling advise or simply just want to chat please feel free to contact us by email.