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Surviving the Boxing Day Sales

Thu 15th December 2016

We all know that the Holiday sales can be – what can only be described as – a military operation. Yes, the dreaded boxing day sales will soon be upon us folks, and this means war!

We’ve all seen those horrifying videos of American Black Friday shoppers absolutely losing their minds over the sales. Trampling, pushing, shouting, they appear in their thousands.

Now, whilst the Boxing Day sales are essential if you love a bargain more than life itself, it doesn’t have to be so terrible. And indeed, the Boxing Day sales military option is loved and adored by many. However, there are some ways that you can endure the day that many people dread, but feel compelled to take part in.

If you know for certain that you won’t be going, then please relax in the sheer bliss of being the lucky guy who sits at home. If you need something to do, try watching Westworld. Really, it’s a great show. Oh, and maybe pray for those who aren’t fortunate enough to say they are striking against the sales. Because you know good and well, that some poor guy is going to be dragged shopping on Boxing day by his partner (you typically see them looking completely spaced out, or sat down with their head in their hands, usually in the luxury of the seats in the shoe department).

For those going, well done in advance. You have bravely gone where many a men have gone before. And that should be applauded. It doesn’t make you any less of a man, it doesn’t make you weak, it doesn’t make you powerless, and you shouldn’t be dumbfounded that you seem to have no control over your decision making. Just breathe, it’ll be over sooner than you think.

What many have learned before, especially people who choose to stay at home with their family and loved ones on Boxing day, is that you can still grab a bargain in January. The late January sales are always an excellent time to bag a bargain. Not everything rests on this one day. You can grab an absolute steal in the weeks that follow Boxing Day. It is not the end of the world if you don’t abuse the Boxing Day sales, because let me tell you my friend, you can still get many discounts after. Trust. Me.

If you’re still attending, sometimes, without being rude or cruel of course, you just have to be cutthroat. Get in, get what you want and get out. There is no time limit of course, but if you plan ahead of time, stake the place out, know what you want ahead of time, grab it on the day, pay, leave and move on. OR, chill and take a leisurely stroll. The best survival tip is to just go at whatever pace suits you and your personality. Slow and steady CAN win the race. Enjoy your shopping experience and pay no attention to the mass swarms of humans surrounding you. You can either beat them by joining them, or beat them by not caring and enjoying the day for yourself. Be super chilled, and just be happy with what you bought instead of getting in a panic about what you didn’t manage to find.

Pick the right shopping partner. You should, although most guys out there won’t get a choice, however if you do, find someone on your wavelength. Find someone to survive the day with, preferably someone who likes the same stores, fashion etc. Find someone to either be manic with and lead the military operation with you, or find someone who’s a good laugh to watch the mad hysteria with from afar.

Finally, get some great food at the end of it. Nothing will make the day bearable more than the thought of enjoying some amazing food post-shopping. It’ll get you through the day my friend.