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Master Class: How to layer this winter

Tue 8th November 2016

Winter is coming. Now that the leaves have started to subdue, as a result of the shorter autumn days and the cold weather has started to creep in – men around the world are beginning to pull out their warmer clothes once again, in preparation for those frosty mornings and evenings.

Layering is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to upgrade the look of any outfit – especially in the cooler months of the year. Aside from the obvious benefits regarding insulation, layering is one of the best ways to show of your sense of style to the masses. Most men seem to struggle to master the skill of getting this done right, there’s a certain trick and a level of awareness that you need to have to master the art of layering. Not only do you need to be conscious of coordinating colours but you also need to be mindful of patterns and dare I say it, even the textures and materials your clothes are composed of. Therefore, a man who can layer effectively is ultimately a man who knows his stuff about fashion.  If you’re not a man who can do this yet, don’t worry about it – were going to show you some of the easiest ways to achieve this look below…



Shearling and suede are huge for this fall and winter – in fact they’re both all over the high street. For this outfit we paired a suedette coat with a a khaki shirt and added an extra layer with a light grey cable knit jumper. The shearling lining and texture of the jumper add a great juxtaposition, whilst the deep green of the shirt compliments the camel coat excellently. All in all, this outfit is going to be perfect for keeping you warm this winter, but will also show off your knowledge of style.



This outfit was influenced by urban street styles. We think the smart shirt and jumper combination looks great with a pair a black skinny jeans, a baseball cap and some trainers. Although this would be great on its own on a milder day – throwing a black overcoat or another jacket over this outfit would be a great way to add an extra layer for warmth, but would also still look very fashion forward.



The great thing about both of these items are the excellent high-quality materials they are both composed of, which will promise both warmth and durability in the winter months ahead. We think this outfit looks great with the waxy texture of the jacket contrasting perfectly to the intricate design on the wool rugby shirt. This outfit would be perfect for any autumn walk, paired with a pair of boots and a thick scarf to complement the colour palette and add extra warmth (although we don’t think you’ll have to much of an issue there).

All of these items are available on our store right now, if you would like to shop any of these looks. We would love to see how you style any of these outfits yourself, so please do tag us in any of your images on any of our social media or use the hashtag #AuxLayering, and we will be sure to check them out.