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London Fashion Week Mens AW17

Wed 11th January 2017

London Fashion Week Mens January 6th-9th

This January, I was fortunate enough to attend London Fashion Week Mens, and it was an incredible experience. The fast-paced nature of the 4 days made it a whirlwind of dynamic shapes, bold colours and intelligent fashion. The shows I attended were completely captivating, and it was awesome to see the pieces on the runway and through presentations up close and personal. If anyone ever gets the chance to go, I could not recommend it enough. The sheer genius and intelligence of the designers was so tangible in their work, and their artistic creativity shone through. London fashion is one of a kind, and is constantly re-inventing itself and pioneering trends that trickle down through to the high street brands we know and shop from. In this blog, i’m going to share with you some fashion week highlights and my personal favourite pieces from the shows.

1. Barbour


The Barbour show was a definite highlight for me. One of the first events I attended, Barbour celebrated its long motorcycle heritage and showcased its International Jacket. The biker inspired collection featured a walk through of the history of the Barbour brand, and had a live creative artist stencilling and painting on the backs of a variety of jackets which was really rather spectacular. To witness the precision and artistry of the gentlemen in the photo above was wonderful and truly advocated the impeccable nature of Barbour.

2. Xander Zhou


Xander Zhou’s runway show was another highlight. According to London Fashion week:

‘In his designs, Xander Zhou likes to explore the boundaries between form and function, as well as the unique qualities of the different fabrics he uses. He reconstructs classical forms by providing them with new contexts, occasionally blurring gender stereotypes in the process.’

Inspired by youth sub-cultures and the combination of street style and elegance, Xander Zhou’s
collection was bold and beautiful. The use of colours and consistency in his work was mesmerising. The dynamic cut of the jackets and tops were fearless and androgynous, whilst still retaining its sharp masculinity. Highlights from the collection were the use of beautiful colours such as blue, red and white.

3. Edward Crutchley


Showcased in the basement of a hotel, the Edward Crutchley presentation show presented us with a line up of male models in the newest Crutchley collection against the back drop of snow and a snow cave. The contrast of the rich autumn colours of green, bronze and orange against the white snowy and wintery back drop made for a rather beautiful piece of fashion and art. The clothes looked impeccable and looked as though it was made from the most luxurious silk. With a lot of east asian references, Crutchley’s biggest achievement was demanding our attention with his Autumn/Winter line.

4. Wan Hung


Wan Hung’s collection was my favourite of the entire weekend, and his collection was a stunning display of west vs east. Inspired by his native Hainan island in China, the collection blends western tailoring with traditional Chinese fashion, specifically the Chinese Tang robes. The prints were based on the Chinese character for Good Luck, and the dazzling array of red, pink, navy and white confirmed the sheer brilliance of Wan Hung and the couture so perfectly presented in this presentation. The models were stood and scattered around the room giving us the chance to see 360 degree views of the fashion.

5. Cottweiler


No runway show was more cool and underground than the Cottweiler show. The show presented us with artificial nature within a modern environment. Nature and outdoor activities played a huge role in the Cottweiler collection, and the use of blue, green and purple made it a dynamic show that pulsed with the juxtaposed chic vs. rough and ready. The green and leafy backdrop made you feel as though you were in a forest, and showcased the modern man facing the realties of the outdoors. A completely captivating show, Cottweiler failed to disappoint us and had us wanting to see more. Think cosmopolitan camouflage.

6. Blood Brother


The AW17 Blood Brother collection presentation was inspired by the River Thames and what lies beneath the surface. The collection was incredibly interesting as it featured colours such as bright orange against the dark and moody backdrop of the presentation space. The clothes and models were joined by glass cases of abandoned objects, from a teddy bear to old buoys. The collection was a mix of tailoring and casual pieces such as baseball caps and hooded tops. The pop or orange and pink was an excellent touch and Blood Brother’s collection was both conceptual and innovative.

7. Vivienne Westwood


What an exciting time in the history for the powerhouse and genius of Vivienne Westwood. Westwood returned to London after debuting her collection for many years in Milan. The collection, in true Westwood style, was political, outrageous and unapologetic. Westwood tore about the capitalistic attire of the elite establishment and gave it a revitalised and rebellious underground attitude that honours the punk movement that has been such an inspiration to Westwood and her fashion for decades. A huge ‘FU’ to 2016 and the political establishments that seek to oppress, dictate and mock, London welcomed home the pioneer that is Vivienne Westwood in one of her most charged and exciting collections to date. Bravo Dame Westwood!

Head to www.londonfashionweekmens.com now to check out more of the fashion and shows that are not featured here. All images are courtesy of Google Images.