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Must Have Pieces In Your Wardrobe.

Tue 14th March 2017

We have all been through those difficult times when we buy into the new trends that we see everyone rocking, but when we decide to try it out it doesn’t seem to work at times. It gets hard to know what to buy when trends seem to come and  go so quickly but when we fill our wardrobe with simple, classic and timeless pieces, it is easier to incorporate those trends that  you love and work for you.

So today we have rounded up a few key pieces that every man should have in their wardrobe, these pieces, not only can be easily interchangeable but also give you the time to focus on the quality of the pieces you buy, the better quality the longer it will last, saving you time and money.

The Oxford Shirt

Effortlessly stylish, you can find different colours and shapes, it can immediately dress up an outfit. Wear it with casual jeans and you look put together and smart in an instant, wear it under jumpers or wear it open over t-shirts its up to you.


Classic Navy Jeans

We call this the classic navy jean, as in production every jean starts off its dying process a navy colour just before its been worn and bleached, making this colour perfect, as it will fade as you wear it out yourself, making it personal.
Look for straight leg navy jeans not too skinny, not too baggy, the is best in between. The colour is perfect; as it will go with everything, throw on with a simple t-shirt and your ready to go.

Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket can be worn all year round, you can find different types of bomber jackets, long, short and with different patterns, go crazy.

Lace Up Boots

Want to look casual but put together? A nice pair of lace up boots can be perfect, looks edgy but casual, for those days you want to get out of your comfort zone.

White T-shirt

Such a key piece to have in your wardrobe. It can be thrown on with any outfit, you can wear it with jeans or trousers. You can find one that fits your body perfectly or you could experiment with oversized t-shirts. Layering them could also give a very stylish look, short t-shirt over a long one you never know.

Denim Jacket

There is not much to say about denim jackets, its just such a classic piece. You can get different washes of denim, the worlds is your oyster. However lately, personalised denim jackets with patches, embroidery and lettering has become a popular trend, but you can never go wrong with and simple denim jacket.  

Simple Sneakers

Simple sneakers will go so well on those days you want to be comfortable and causal, but don’t worry if you think sneakers are too casual for your style, you can always dress it up. White sneakers have been a hit; styled with tailored trousers, a white shirt and a blazer look, smart but be comfortable at the same time.


Tailored Trousers

You can’t wear jeans every day of the week. Tailored trousers are the best for formal events or to add a smart look to your outfit.

There are many different types of trousers, different cuts, textures and patterns this can really change the way an outfit looks, as you can always dress down the trousers with some white sneakers. But that doesn’t always mean that the causal sneaker, tailored trouser combination will clash, its completely the opposite. They are the perfect combination for those first dates where you want to look put together, but be comfortable at the same time.


The best pair of shoes for the summer and for the club. Paired with slouchy trousers or jeans, top it off with a shirt and blazer then you’re ready to go. During the summer loafers look great with shorts and just a simple t-shirt, you can’t go wrong.  



Blazers, a formal piece that has been experimented over t-shirts and with jeans. Its not only a piece you can wear to weddings but it looks great with jeans and boots, giving a very laid-back look but remaining very stylish at the same time. However, you can see less-fitted blazers showing up on the catwalks, still looks formal but gives a relaxed / edgier look to your outfit.

So that’s the rundown. A few key must have pieces all you guys should have in your wardrobe, I hope that this helps. Feel free to comment, ask any questions or tell us any other pieces we all must have.

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All images courtesy of Pinterest and Google Images