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How to survive the impending hangover of New Year’s Day

Fri 30th December 2016

Images used courtesy of Google Images.

If you’re 18 or above, or younger for the lucky of you who live in a country where a glass of wine at your family meal at age 14 isn’t frowned upon, OR the rebels out there who snuck a litre of vodka to your friend’s basement for a house party with all your school friends, WILL KNOW, that hangovers can be rough.

With New Year’s Eve approaching, here are some ways to help the impending hangover following the mammoth drunken tirade you unleashed onto the world during your last moments of the year we all would rather forget. The ‘new year, new you’ really starts on the 2nd because ain’t nobody waking up fresh as a daisy on new year’s day. and if you do, it means you didn’t party enough.

If you haven’t already done this, then at least you will be prepared for the next new year’s eve. You should by now know what remedies work well for you. Whether destroying a McDonalds, taking painkillers or curling up in a ball – everyone is different, our bodies are different, our minds are different. You need to know what works well for you if you are to survive my friend.

You’re either someone who loves to pig out on a hangover, or eat nothing. If you want to pig out, make sure your cupboards and fridges are fully stocked, and also make sure your favourite takeout places are open new year’s day. This is important. Food can do wonders for hangovers sometimes.

Stay away from drinks that are the same or like the drinks you consumed last night. If you splurged on Rum and Diet Coke’s last night, don’t drink Diet Coke the next day! That’s crazy talk. The taste will make you remember last night and the mistakes/triumphs that occurred.

When you wake up, you’ll be dehydrated for sure, and the desire to down a litre of water will be overwhelming. However, if you chug a lot of water in a small space of time, it’ll just all sit in your stomach and the sensation can make you feel nauseous.

Water is your best friend, or if you can handle it, coffee or a great cup of tea.

Carbohydrates are also your best friend as they do a tremendous job of soaking up the alcohol. Toast is a winner, you can never go wrong with toast quite frankly.

If you’re someone who wants to be alone on a hangover, stick a gel eye mask in the fridge for ten minutes, put it on, crawl into bed in a dark room and sleep the hangover away or stick your favourite tv show on, preferably an hilarious sitcom. Focusing on their lives will distract you from wallowing in sadness at your hangover.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to be alone, surround yourself with fellow hangover sufferers. If you arrange a sleepover, you’ll all be suffering together and there is strength in numbers. Knowing you’re not suffering alone is comforting sometimes. Unless people are heaving, then maybe it’s not a good recipe.

Take your hangover day as your naughty day if you’re dieting. As long as you don’t make it a regular occurrence, you are allowed one day to eat all your favourite junk food. Drinking borrows happiness from the next day, so keeping yourself happy is important. NO WALLOWING!

Good luck, may the force be with you and have a safe and happy new year’s!