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Hairstyling tips

Sun 18th September 2016

Hair is so important to a man’s style. A trip to the barbers can seem like effort sometimes, however, if you do your research, there are some great barbers where you can relax with a cold beer and transform your hairstyle. Who says that a relaxing and enjoyable trip to the hairdressers is reserved only for women? The first thing people will see when you meet them is your face region, and therefore your hair plays a tremendous role in what you want to put out into the world, and what you want to say about yourself. Like your fashion, and no pun intended, your hair speaks volumes. Get creative, get simple, find confidence in your hair.

The buzz cut has made a big return. Men all over the world are sporting the buzzed, short cut hair. However, if you want to dazzle with luscious locks, a great pompadour, or rock the messy look, you’re gonna need some help in the hair styling department.
  1. If you do not want to opt for the messy grunge look, product is very important! What you put in your hair to change up your style is vital, as you need a product that won’t damage the hair cells and keep them healthy. The Triumph & Disaster Coltrane Clay we stock on our website is essential to your hairstyling routine.coltrane_clay_2_2_copyThis product utilises white clay and beeswax, mixed with Pracaxi oil and a splash of brazil wax. What sets this product a part from others is that it allows you to mould your hair your own way but it is strong enough to keep it that way, without the need to keep re-applying all day long. The medium hold allows you to manoeuvre the style of your hair without it losing the strong grip the clay has on your hair.
  2. Do not be afraid to dye your hair. Dyeing your hair is not only for women. You can be free and expressive with your hair, whether you want to dye the whole thing or add some nice highlights
  3. Do not fear balding as an impending doom. A man can look just as handsome, just as sexy and just as confident with a thin hair or bald head. The buzz cut is extremely popular right now. More and more men are embracing the short hair look.
  4. Find a good barber that is affordable but also gives you that million dollar hair cut. Do some research, read reviews, your hair is an embodiment of your personality. Be fearless, do what makes you happy and style accordingly
  5. Youtube is great help, there are thousands of videos that discuss men’s hairstyles and what hairstyle would look good on you. Youtube is a great go-to, which brings us onto my next point
  6. Rock a hairstyle to shape your face shape. If you’re blessed with an oval head shape, you can pretty much rock anything. There’s the oval, the rounded, the triangular, the square etc. Find out what hairstyle best compliments your head shape. Whilst of course there are no limits to what hairstyle you want to rock, some men need a little help. For example, did you know that if you have a rounded head shape, short back and sides with length on top can create definition and give you the look of the desired oval face head shape?