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Dressing smart without the suit

Sat 8th April 2017

With the award show season just having passed a month ago, its gotten us thinking how stuffy all those suits must have felt in one room for 4 hours (insert death gasp here). We’re not really suit people here but with wedding season just around the corner, we do believe in dressing smartly when appropriate. For some men, suiting is the epitome of men’s fashion. Elegant, dapper and tailored to the nines but we find it so constricting (although that Pharrell ensemble was pretty dope). It’s very difficult to inject personality into a suit. We prefer to dress very smartly (with our own added personal flair) instead. I’m sure there’s many guys out there who dislike wearing suits as much as we do so we have provided some suggestions to avoid the monotony of the sartorial uniform.

  1. A nice shirt and tie with a pair of well fitted trousers will go a long way. If the event you’re going to is a bit more formal like a wedding, keep it simple in colours like navy, grey and black. Layer a nice mac jacket in a bold blue or deep forest green and you’ll look a lot more modern yet still very dapper than your mates all stuffed up in a suit. Pick a classic shoe like a chelsea boot to retain the suited and booted grandeur.

2. Forget the blazer and opt for a knitted blazer instead. They’re everywhere and have been for a few seasons now. You get a cardigan and blazer in one and you’ll definitely stand out from the sea of suits wherever you are. Wear this look just as you would a regular suit except choose a contrasting colour trouser, or if your knitted blazer is multi-coloured then pick one colour and pair with same coloured trousers. If you’re really feeling knitty with it (pun alert!) then add a knitted tie or bowtie. Brogue it out in a nice pair of brogues or brogue boots. Boom!


3. Layering in head to toe black – because you can’t get any classic than basic black. Rock your minimalist heart out by layering a black jumper and either black jeans or trousers over a white or black shirt. You can even skip the tie because black has that natural ability to just make one …. look…. classier.

Courtesy of Pinterest
Courtesy of The Idle Man

4. Dress your look a bit down by wearing the styling described in #1 but instead of a mac, for instance, style with a nice solid colour bomber jacket and instead of the chelsea boots a nice pair of derby shoes.

5. Cut yourself short… literally. It’s summer who wants to wear bloody trousers? Instead of trousers pair a cotton, jersey or knitted blazer over a nice crisp white shirt and a pair of solid colour or printed shorts. Don’t forget the tie. Make sure you get to the tanning bed a few times before, you don’t want to frighten potential lovers away.

Courtesy of Looktastic
Courtesy of Pinterest

Bottom line: suits are boring and there are so many ways to dress up in the same reverence of a suit whilst showing a bit more personality. We hope these tips helped. If they didn’t write to our customer services and let them know you want a refund for those 8 minutes you wasted reading this blog (only joking… you did choose to read it after all).