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Behind The Scenes: The Pink MA1 Jacket

Mon 27th February 2017

As with every season, a rush of new trends come to breathe life into our ever-changing wardrobes. This coming Spring 2017 is no different with a great deal of options to choose from. In designing a signature piece for our AUX range we continually found ourselves greeted with the same three key trends over and over again and being the eclectic brand that we are, decided to combine all three of them to create a distinctive bomber jacket.

Who could resist the resurgence of ‘men in pink’? It’s literally everywhere at the moment. The catwalks were full of varying hues of pink this time last year. Even favourite streetwear brands like NICCE London are packing their collections with pink. It’s very different from seasons before when colours were softer but not as bold and a real throw back to the trend that emerged back in the late 1990s and 2000s.


Another two trends we combined were the nautical and patches trends. Nautical has been a good old faithful of Spring/Summer for many seasons now but this year we find ourselves awash in sea foam greens and powder blues amidst graphic of vintage sketches of giant squids and sailors. We took inspiration from these images and developed patches which are very tongue-n-cheek and nautical in nature. A super throw back to the 70s and 80s when patches dominated individual style and cluttered the backpacks of pre-teens the world over. These patches have been hand sewn by our design team and feature 3 distinct images: we have our Aux logo on the front left chest, a ‘marine club’ patch on the right arm and on the back we have a steampunk patch of a vintage giant octopus wearing a helmet. These designs are quirky and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Sea legends mood board courtesy of weconnectfashion. From left to right: TopMan Design, DSquared, Gucci
Sea legends mood board courtesy of weconnectfashion. From left to right: TopMan Design, DSquared, Gucci.

pinkbomber1 pinkbomber2




Features three patches, two nautical themed, one Aux Privé logo, side zip pocket on left arm, ribbed neck, cuffs and waist with zip through closure.


We love this MA1 jacket and we hope that you appreciate the thought and care that went into designing it for you. The jacket can be ordered without the patches as well.